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Private jet charters are often seen as a luxury that makes traveling easier and more comfortable. However, the real standout feature of a private jet charter is the operator’s commitment to providing a safe flying experience customized to every passenger. In the world of private jets, safety is always top of mind and essential to everything we do from flying to maintaining the aircraft. A strong commitment to safety from the whole team drives the development of a safety culture and creates a mindset where caution and diligence in following protocols become second nature.


A safety culture is sometimes defined as “a culture where everyone will do the right things, even when nobody is looking.” At Omni, we consider safety a value-added piece of our business model. We are one of a handful of medium-size charter companies who employee a full-time safety team to ensure that our operations are completed with the highest level of safety. This lends itself to a positive safety culture, which we achieve through clear and regular communication of safety policies, goals, objectives, standards, and performance.


Encouraging feedback from employees is a critical component ensuring that safety measures are not only understood but also actively supported by everyone in the organization.


For any safety culture to be successful, the organization needs to have a commitment from leadership and collaborate with employees to foster a respectful work environment that is built on mutual trust.


Evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s safety culture involves various methodologies including conducting surveys, organizing focus groups, holding safety meetings, and leveraging reporting programs which includes the voluntary ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program). With the ASAP, we work alongside the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure safety concerns submitted through this program are investigated, discussed, and corrective action are implemented. These tools, along with direct observation, are instrumental in gathering insights and feedback, that are essential for assessing the culture’s health and identifying areas for enhancement.


Ultimately, the success of a charter company’s safety culture is measured by its ability to foster an environment where safety is not just a priority but a fundamental value that guides every action. This commitment ensures that passengers can enjoy the luxury and convenience of private jet travel with peace of mind. Every journey is more comfortable and, most importantly, safe.