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Flying private offers benefits you just can’t get from commercial travel such as flexible scheduling, increased efficiency, privacy, and of course time savings. This is why private jet travel is so appealing to corporations looking to fly their executives to meetings, conferences, corporate retreats, and more.


Chartering a private jet to fly your team ensures they can be as productive and efficient as possible while providing an opportunity for personal engagement and a morale-boosting experience at the same time.


Fly Your Team When and Where You Want

There’s no need to match your teams’ schedules with commercial flight schedules. Chartering a private jet lets you work around everyone’s schedule with ease. Plus, flying private provides access to any destination with an executive airport. This means you can pick a retreat destination that makes the most sense for your team rather than being limited to destinations that have commercial airports.


Chartering a private jet to fly your team not only saves time but it also allows your team to utilize more of their travel time for business and socializing. Instead of being on a potentially crowded commercial flight with limited space and amenities, the team could be working, conducting meetings, or engaging in team-building exercises during the flight.


Whether you’re flying your team to Los Angeles, Palm Beach, or anywhere in between, utilizing charter flights for business travel creates a far more productive and positive experience for your team.


Planning Your Corporate Private Jet Charter

At Omni Air Transport, our primary focus is flight safety, customer service, and planning memorable charter experiences for our clients. We make it easy! Contact us today.


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