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What led you to a career in aircraft management and charter sales?

Like a bug getting trapped in a light, I knew I was an aviator after reading Chuck Yeager’s biography. I landed my first job washing aircraft for the Cessna Piston Dealer at Hobby Airport for free rides in 1980 as a freshman in high school. From there, my career progressed by listening to the client and being fortunate to be a part of entrepreneurial and innovative groups like Omni Air Transport.

How long have you been in the business?

As soon as I could afford lessons I started flying in 1984.  I landed my first  real aviation job with Raytheon Aircraft.  Every position I have had since then has been a joy and an education that has propelled my career and taken me around the world.  After all, we are in the business of travel.

What is your favorite business jet and why?

Past – Jet Star, because Elvis owned one. Present – Citation Sovereign+ because of its overall performance and comfort. It is one of the best values in the market today. Future – I look forward to a Concord replacement, new personal drone flights and hope to see where new technology takes us.

What is one of your favorite client interactions?

No one knows this to date except me and the client (until now). We flew a Cy Young winning pitcher to a surprise birthday party for his wife between MLB Games. He boarded his 1 hour flight with one beautifully wrapped Rolex for her. Noticeably tired after pitching a full game, he forgot the watch onboard the aircraft upon arrival. The aircraft had dropped him and already returned to home base before he realized. Naturally, he was panicking until we spoke and came up with a plan. Upon the plane’s arrival to home base, I jumped on the aircraft, verified the watch was there, flew back to his city, rented a car, rang his doorbell and handed him the watch. His wife never realized what efforts he made to make her party and also to bring her the watch she wanted. Only private aviation can buy you this kind of time. We both laugh about this story today. It’s all about customer service and being empowered to do the right thing.

What questions would you ask a potential management or charter company?

The most important question to ask is the one everyone assumes is in place. What are your safety standards and processes? Can you demonstrate this for me during a tour at your headquarters? The commitment to your safety, investment and time is what really makes a difference when selecting the ideal management or charter company.

What do you think makes a good management and charter company?

An unwavering dedication toward success. Every good company stems from great leadership and the culture of a servient heart that breeds impeccable service. A commitment and dedication to clients and customers who we are working for. This becomes contagious and works best for everyone’s bottom-line.