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There was a time when commercial air travel was more convenient and easy. As the industry grew and evolved, attention to the comfort of passengers declined. Booking and security processes became cumbersome while seats became smaller with less legroom to accommodate more passengers.

Omni Air Transport grew out of a need to get passengers to their destinations with comfort and ease, the way air travel is supposed to be. We’ve streamlined and uncomplicated the booking process while maintaining the adventure and luxury of air travel. Simply put, we make it easy to travel quickly and comfortably.

From the first point of contact — a phone call (our staff is available 24 hours a day) or website visit — to the moment you disembark, Omni Air Transport makes chartering a plane almost as blissfully easy as flying in one.


Charter Private Jet Family Vacation


Booking a Flight

We understand that chartering a private flight might feel intimidating. In reality, our booking process is more convenient than commercial booking.

According to Jason Enyart, Charter Sales Manager for Omni Air Transport, there are two simple ways to go about booking your charter flight with Omni Air Transport.

“Either call us directly or go to our website and put in a request,” said Enyart.

Then there is an exchange of basic information and flight details. Our team works up a quote and sends it to the prospective passenger in about 15 minutes.

“If they want to book it,” said Enyart, “they sign the quote and send it back.” 

It really is that simple. For example, a prospective traveler can call us and request a flight to Chicago for tomorrow and we figure out how to make it work. From itineraries and ground transportation, our team takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on the important things.

After signing the quote, the only thing left to do is to show up 15 minutes before your private charter flight and you can be on your way. No lines. No waiting around staring at a gate agent who doesn’t want to be there either. 

You just show up and leave. It’s so easy and convenient it almost sounds made up. We assure you, the time saved alone is worth it.


Convenient Private Charter Family Vacation



Omni Air Transport charters flights all over the country. While our home base is in Tulsa, we offer the flexibility for clients to choose the airports for departure and arrival. The benefit of being able to choose to fly from and into non-commercial airports is time saved.

Whether you’re looking to save the time spent navigating the traffic of a large metro airport or decreasing the drive time to your final destination, Omni Air Transport can offer a customized flight to fit your travel needs.

It does not end there either. Omni Air Transport can also have just about anything waiting for you when you land because we firmly believe in providing detailed service from beginning to end. This is one of many conveniences of private air travel versus commercial.

“When you get to your destination, we set up rental cars, car and driver services — pretty much anything you need,” said Enyart.

“All the way from the first phone call until they take everything with them and go on their way, point to point: it is all taken care of.”


Comfortable Private Charter Omni Air Transport



From luxury amenities to catering, Omni Air Transport is dedicated to delivering a great customer experience on every flight.

A private charter offers all the creature comforts lacking in commercial air travel. Discover our fleet and explore a full list of amenities.

Another added luxury of charter flight services with Omni is providing any food, beverage, or catered item you might want on your flight. 

“We have people that request a certain type of fruit for their flight or a certain type of catering — we can get them whatever they want,” said Enyart. Want lunch from your favorite restaurant on your next flight out of TUL? Done.


Safe Private Charter with Omni Air Transport


Fly Omni Air Transport

If one takes into consideration the misery of commercial air travel: dealing with lines of grumpy passengers, uncomfortable waiting areas and delayed or canceled flights, there really is one logical conclusion. From flexible and convenient booking to pulling up directly to an aircraft filled with amenities, chartering an aircraft just makes sense.

And for those passengers concerned about the safety of chartered air travel, Omni Air Transport holds the top 1% of all flight safety accreditations. Omni’s focus on safety includes aviation security to ensure the safety of passengers, crew, ground personnel, and the public.

Omni has thought of everything so you don’t have to.  Enyart says, “Once you fly private, it is hard to fly commercial after that.”