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Omni Air Transport and Omni Aircraft Sales are proud of the implementation and participation in a corporate recycling program. Identifying ways in which we can help our community and environment has always been at the forefront of the company’s mission so beginning a recycling program was essential. Today, our corporate office has been operating this program for 12 plus years and it has translated to our fleet of aircraft as well.

There are collection bins located in common areas for recyclables like paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. In the hangar there are collection bins for batteries and other materials used by our maintenance team.

The idea of going green doesn’t stop at the doors of our corporate office. Omni Air Transport and Omni Aircraft Sales are unique in the fact that each one of our aircraft is equipped with a green recyclables bag, something not common in this industry. The pilots and crew are trained in the use of these bags and are diligent in collecting all used recyclables from the aircraft following each trip.

We realize as important as it is to participate in a recycling program, it is equally as important to educate our employees on how to recycle and the importance it has on our environment. We are excited to continue to expand on these efforts and strive to be a positive influence on other corporations as well.