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COVID-19 forced people across the nation to not only alter their day-to-day habits temporarily, but to make fundamental changes to their lifestyles. We see these trends across the country, most notably with people migrating out of the cities and back to the suburbs, as well as the tremendous growth of online commerce


In an uncertain world, few take anything for granted anymore. An untold multitude now question long-standing assumptions. This is true for air travel as it is for any other industry. Would-be business and leisure travelers who long assumed “chartering a private jet isn’t for me,” have made the switch. Some find themselves incredulously asking: “Why haven’t I done this before?”


There are many reasons why more people are choosing to fly private charter. Most notably, drastic cuts in the availability of direct commercial flights give many business travelers to small- and mid-sized cities few options on connections and layovers. Over the past year, many major airlines cut back on available flights to small- and mid-sized cities as they are no longer economically viable. More business travelers are looking to flying charter to bridge the gap from availability to common sense. 


There is also the issue of traveling on packed flights. This is undesirable in healthier times. In today’s climate, it can cause anxiety. In the case of business travel, it may also be untenable. 


Travelers switching from commercial to private flights is a growing nationwide trend, covered by The New York Times. This shift is just as common in the heartland as it is on the coasts, and for middle-income travelers as it is for high-earners.

Are you a first-time private flyer? Here’s why flying private provides more flexibility, time savings, safety, and other benefits over means of transportation…



Plans change. Circumstances arise.  Whether you want to stay an extra day on your vacation or you need to leave a little earlier to make an important meeting on time, private chartering works around your schedule, not the other way around. Your plane is at your disposal. 



charter a flight

With trips to nearby cities often requiring one or more layovers, a journey that used to take an hour or two now becomes an all-day trip. Private charter gives you the freedom of using smaller airfields with easier access, fewer (or no) delays, zero crowds, and significantly less frustration. Getting from point A to point B via private jet is even more straightforward and hassle-free than renting a car, and much faster and more comfortable.



Time is a precious resource, whether you need to make a critical meeting or want to maximize your vacation time with your family. With Omni Air Transport, your private flight is easily booked and customized thanks to our dedicated support staff and concierge service. With early arrival just 15 minutes before takeoff, flying private charter saves you time before you even take off. 



charter a flight

Nothing matters more to us than safety. Period. We carry flight safety accreditations from ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, and IS-BAO Stage III. We also upgraded our already strict health, safety and cleanliness policies and procedures to specifically address COVID-19. We never settle when it comes to the safety of our passengers and crew members, and are constantly reviewing and upgrading our safety policies. 


With all of these advantages and many more, it is clear that flying private with us is a superior choice. Ready to fly private? Here’s what you need to know


Booking a Flight

Put in a request or call us directly at (918) 836-3131. Booking a flight is that simple. We gather basic information such as the number of travelers, names of passengers, travel dates, and your desired destination(s). Our concierge service answers any questions you have. Our professional and courteous staff will work up a quote for you in 15 minutes or less—less time than it generally takes to find a desirable commercial flight, let alone plan and book one. If you’re satisfied, you simply sign the quote and send it back.


Need a flight tomorrow to Houston or New York? We will find a way to make it happen. We take care of all of the logistics, including itineraries, ground transportation, accommodations. We’ll even source a larger plane to safely and comfortably seat more than eight passengers. Your Omni consultant handles everything. All you have to do is arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Omni takes care of the rest. 


Enjoying Your Flight

charter a flight

With Omni, you have the power to personalize your flight experience to your desires. Your flight experience is fully customizable. Our fleet offers a host of amenities, but it doesn’t stop there. We happily provide any food and beverage you might want on your flight, even catered meals from your favorite restaurant. 


Stretch your legs. Catch a quick nap. Savor a delicious meal. Watch a movie or get work done in privacy. Fly with Omni and you get to actually enjoy the experience of flying again.


Chartering a direct flight with Omni Air Transport is a much safer, smarter, cleaner, and more convenient and comfortable choice. The amenities we provide are far superior to those you will see flying economy, business, or first-class. Our clients have known this for a long time. We pride ourselves on the number of return clients. They have experienced private charter travel and there is simply no other option for them now. 


While there are many reasons why more people choose to fly private, the individual reasons are as unique as you. So we take particular pride in our commitment to service and providing you a superior customized experience you will not find with any other air-travel service — commercial or private. There’s a reason Omni Air Transport is regularly “recognized for our safety and renowned for our service” over nearly forty years.

We invite you to experience why. Reserve your private flight with us today!