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For more than 37 years, Omni Air Transport has prided itself on excellence in two areas: flight safety and exceptional service. You can see our relentless focus on flight safety in our highly experienced pilots, crew and maintenance teams.

This dedication is the foundation of our company and is top of mind when making business decisions. With their wealth of aviation expertise, our leadership team engenders a culture of safety, which can be found at every level of our business.



Dedication to Flight Safety

Our fleet holds the top 1% of all flight-safety accreditations.

  • ARG/US Platinum Since 2004
    The Aviation Research Group/US accreditations are one of aviation’s most widely recognized and trusted certifications due to their auditing standards. Of the four levels of accreditation offered by the ARG/US, Platinum is the highest and most difficult safety accreditation to obtain.
  • IS-BAO Stage III Certification Since 2004
    The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) was created to recognize excellence beyond the standards of the FAA. Less than 1% of companies in the world have received the Stage 3 certification.
  • Wyvern Wingman Since 2015
    As one of the first safety auditing firms in the country, Wyvern Consulting offers different accreditation levels based on adherence to safety standards. Only a small fraction of operators maintain the Wingman title.
  • DOD Preferred Charter Operator Since 2015
    As a preferred service provider for the Department of Defense, Omni Air Transport is a trusted government partner because of our dedication to safety and responsive support.



Covid-19 Protocols

Our commitment extends beyond just flight safety to public health. While our cleaning and sanitizing process has always been extensive, ensuring the comfort and luxury of all passengers, we updated our protocols as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our updated cleaning/safety program, AicraftAssure, is our promise of the highest level of safety and cleanliness for our clients and employees.

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak continues to evolve, our team is monitoring the situation and may update our protocols and company guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organizations.

These irregular, albeit necessary, steps are 100% in line with our basic foundation as a company: safety and service. We invite you to review our amended cleaning and safety procedures created with our customers and employees in mind.

  •  Overnight Stays Require  Approval
    The process for booking overnight flights has changed. We now require top-level approval. We look at the current cases in the destination area, adhere to local government guidelines and determine availability of crucial services, such as lodging, transportation and dining.
  • Flights to Known Hot Spots Require Approval
    You may notice some slight changes to booking when flying to certain destinations. Similar to overnight stays, our new booking process is intended to protect the safety of passengers and crew members.
  • Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire
    All passengers are required to complete a short Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to boarding. This helps us determine risk levels and adjust precautionary measures as needed.
  • Gloves, Masks & Sanitizer
    Gloves, masks and hand sanitizer are provided for all passengers and crew members on every flight. We are also providing the same access to gloves, masks and sanitizer to all office employees.
  • Closed Cockpit
    When available, passengers can request to have the partition to the cockpit closed.
  • Rear Seating
    When available, passengers who prefer maximum distancing from crew may occupy rear seating.
  • Identification Still Required
    We still must check all passenger’s identification. Passengers can choose to have a pilot put on clean gloves or they can hold their identification at arm’s length for the pilot to view.
  • Luggage Assistance
    Passengers can choose if they want assistance loading and handling luggage.
  • No Handshaking
  • New Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures
    After every flight crews thoroughly disinfect all touch surfaces and enhanced cleanings by maintenance personnel at the end of the day. At all locations, our team of trained technicians are utilizing ClearCabin, which is an antimicrobial barrier treatment. When applied by trained technicians, it creates an invisible bio-barrier coating and is effective against bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi.  This treatment is reapplied to all aircraft in the fleet every 90 days.Where equipment is available, aircraft will be treated with CURoxide. Hydrogen peroxide fogging kills germs in the air and on every surface after every trip. CURoxide decomposes when exposed to oxygen, meaning the process leaves nothing behind. The air is safe to breath and the surfaces safe to touch. This cleaning process is effective against influenza, measles, norovirus, MERS, MRSA, SARS and staph.

Our 24/7 concierge services are still available to assist you with booking transportation and organizing catering.

Our goal is maintain the convenience and quality you expect from Omni Air Transport while ensuring the safety of our passengers and crew members. We will take every possible step to make your private air charter as stress-free and safe as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team. Are you ready to charter a flight for your next trip? Book now or request a call.