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At Omni Air Transport, the client’s experience is our priority. We tailor every flight to maximize the experience and surpass expectations. From complimentary breakfast to special occasion celebrations – each flight is unique.


Most importantly, the foundation of great client service is communication. As such, Omni’s charter team is available 24/7/365 to provide sales and scheduling support. Every detail is taken care of from initial booking to catering and ground transportation.


We ensure we meet our client’s needs throughout the entire charter process. For example, if a client books a trip out for two months or only a few hours in advance, their experience is not affected. No need to wait in long lines or worrying about delays. As a result, clients spend less time on the ground and more time at their destination with our flexible flight times and the ability to choose a specific airport.

Plus, our optional SkyPass membership offers adds value to frequent flyers with flight-time discount, no member fees and an opportunity to earn deposits back to your account through empty leg and transient sales.


Finally, we take pride in developing an understanding of our client’s needs. Before each flight, we gather passenger preferences for refreshments, on board supplies and any other special requests. After a flight, we touch base with the lead passenger and gather any feedback about the overall experience. Above all, we provide services that exceed expectations and continually improve. With our open style of communication, clients learn that we are always here to help along the way.

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