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Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Omni Air Transport. Regulations and recommendations related to COVID-19 continue to evolve quickly, but our focus hasn’t changed: safety is our primary mission. 


We remain committed to flight safety and exceptional service. Our updated cleaning and safety program, AircraftAssure, is just one way we demonstrate our dedication to the highest level of safety for our clients and employees.    


At Omni Air Transport, we want to make your charter as stress-free and safe as possible. We will continue to provide exceptional service as we implement new precautionary measures. Additionally, we will monitor changing conditions and maintain best-practice recommendations designed to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Team members from our 24/7 concierge services are available to answer questions, assist with booking and organize ground transportation and catering. 


Plan Your Trip

private flights during covid

Some destinations and all overnight stays will require additional approval from management. We look at the current COVID-19 case statistics, local and government guidelines as well as the availability of crucial services such as lodging, transportation, and dining before approving these itineraries.


This helpful tool from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides guidance based on the city, zip code or address of your destination within the U.S. 


Our team will also ask you to fill out a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. This helps us determine risk levels and adjust precautionary measures as needed. 


International Travel 

International travel must be planned carefully. Please check with your OAT representative to learn more about where we are currently flying. COVID testing and quarantine requirements change with little notice and vary greatly from country to country. 


The U.S. Department of State continually updates COVID-19 Country Specific Information to make travelers aware of changing conditions and requirements. 


Private aviation offers flexibility for passengers who need or want to travel internationally. Charter passengers can adjust their travel plans or alter their destination quickly if the need arises. 


Plan For Your Return to the U.S.

Part of your international trip is also planning for your return. Currently, the CDC is requiring all air passengers more than two years of age to provide a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three calendar days of departure. Alternatively, you can provide proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days​. 


Consequently, international travelers need to determine if a testing center is available near their intended destination and then make plans to secure test results within the three-day time frame before departure. Omni concierge services can help you with these logistics. 


Fly with Peace of Mind 

When you fly with Omni, you can fly with peace of mind. Professionally trained crews clean each aircraft between clients and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Every aircraft is treated with ClearCabin, an antimicrobial barrier treatment that fights bacteria, viruses and mold for up to three months. 


Each plane is also professionally fogged with CURoxide Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging. Hydrogen peroxide fogging kills germs in the air and on top of surfaces. After the treatment, the air is safe to breathe, with no irritating chemicals or residues left behind.  


During the flight, passengers have the option to sit in the rearmost seats to distance themselves from the crew. When available, a partition dividing cabin from the cockpit can be raised at the passengers’ request.  


As you fly, you can rest assured that you are breathing fresh air. You may have heard a common misconception that the aircraft’s air is recirculated during the flight. However, this is simply not true.  


Aircraft air is replaced with fresh outside air every two to four minutes, depending on the aircraft. For comparison, most office buildings only do this every 15 to 20 minutes. You can fly with confidence knowing you are traveling in a hygienic environment. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at any time.  


Health & Safety After Your Return 

private flights during covid

The CDC also has a list of recommendations for all air travelers following a trip. Experts recommend that you get tested 3-4 days after travel and stay home to self-quarantine for a week following your return.


Flying privately greatly reduces your risk of exposure because it limits the number of people with whom you will come in close contact. Private aviation offers direct flights that eliminate the need for layovers.


Additionally, Omni passengers avoid crowded terminals and long security lines by driving directly to your aircraft. When it’s time to board, our crews will refrain from handshakes and our pilots will check IDs with clean gloves.


Omni Air Transport 

When you fly with Omni Air Transport you can feel confident in our safety measures. Whatever the future brings, will steadfastly deliver the same professional level of service while taking the appropriate preventative measures to keep our passengers safe. 

Call our Charter Hotline 24/7 at (918) 836-3131 or email to book your next flight.