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Private jets fly you anywhere you need without the hassles of booking commercial flights or waiting in airports. However, many people prefer the hands-off approach that comes along with having a private charter membership rather than owning a private jet themselves.

A private jet charter membership gives you access to a fleet of private jets, providing all the flexibility of owning an aircraft without the upkeep. These memberships let you book around your schedule, travel to more destinations, skip the security lines, and much more. Continue reading to learn the most significant benefits of having a private charter membership.


First and foremost, private charter memberships add more flexibility to your life. Most commercial flights must be scheduled weeks in advance, are a hassle to change, feature fixed departure and arrival times, and often include long layovers. Jet memberships skip these inconveniences by letting you book departure times that fit your schedule and needs.

Charter memberships also make traversing the airport more convenient. Depending on your plan, most memberships let you skip the long security lines and give you access to exclusive airport lounges located away from the main terminal. This saves you time and gives you a private place to relax or work while you wait.

And in contrast to owning a private jet, you shouldn’t have to worry about waiting for maintenance with charter memberships. If an aircraft is grounded for servicing, a backup plane will typically be available to use instead.

Cost Savings

Choosing a private charter membership can be more cost-efficient than owning a private aircraft. Private jets cost more than just their selling prices — you must also consider the variable costs of maintenance, fuel, storage, insurance, crew, and other fees. While some of these costs come back in resale, they still may not be worthwhile, depending on your flight schedules and budget. For many people, paying regular fees for a charter membership is a more straightforward option.

Many private charters offer their services to non-members, but existing members have access to most jets within their fleets and pay a lesser rate for the overall flight and services. Charter memberships also save you money on last-minute flights, which are often very pricy if you fly commercial or aren’t a member.


Private jet memberships let you customize your flight to your needs and preferences, from your onboard service to the aircraft itself. This level of personalization is crucial for professionals with changing flight requirements. For example, suppose you regularly fly state-to-state but occasionally need to fly internationally. In that case, membership will set you up with the right aircraft models for both types of travel.

Whereas most commercial flights are restricted to certain airports, charter memberships increase the number of destinations you can travel to. Other aircraft and travel preferences to consider include:

  • Number of seats
  • Accessibility
  • Comfort
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Nautical miles and time in the air
  • On-flight crew
  • Catering
  • Lavatory access


Finally, flying with a private jet membership gives you unbeatable flexibility, even outside your schedule. By providing access to multiple aircraft types within their fleet, these memberships let you customize your destination, number of passengers, and other preferences nearly every time you fly.

For added flexibility, most charter memberships let you change your travel plans last minute. This way, if your departure time or the number of passengers changes the day of, you can easily make these changes without switching to another flight.

Plus, thanks to their lack of long-term commitments, most memberships let you cancel without issue if you no longer need frequent flying solutions. As a result, canceling a membership is much simpler than reselling a private jet, which can take time.

Fly Your Way with Omni Air Transport’s SkyPass Program

Whether you travel for work or leisure, flying with a private charter membership will make your next trips more convenient, cost-efficient, and personalized to your needs. These memberships are less hassle than maneuvering commercial airports and much simpler than managing your own private jet.

At Omni Air Transport, our SkyPass program features inclusive rates, quick booking, and access to various aircraft types within our fleet. Check out our SkyPass memberships today to upgrade your travel options.