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Today, we find ourselves picking and choosing what we can sacrifice in order to fit everything into our busy schedules. Time, now more than ever, has become a precious commodity. But what if there’s some way to give yourself back some time?

We wish we could offer a time machine, but we have the next best thing. We all know the struggles of planning travel and the amount of time it takes to get from point A to point B. It can be a hassle linking up schedules with either loved ones or business partners. That’s where private air travel comes in to save the day.

With private air travel you save time, giving you the ability to use that rare token somewhere else where it can matter more. Private air travel provides more flexibility in your schedule and added perks that really improve your overall travel experience. You want to fly across the country and be home for dinner with your family? No Problem! No more waiting in long lines, getting frisked by the TSA, or wondering if you’ll be forced to check a bag last minute at your gate. Here at Omni Air Transport, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. We know your time is valuable and we’ve been assisting in giving people back more time for the past 38 years.

Did we mention there’s more perks? It’s the little things that can make a huge difference. From custom amenities, to experienced pilots, and a modern fleet. That’s what’s so special about private aviation, it allows for us to put our time into allowing you to have the best experience with your time.

Time is money, we’ve all realized that at some point in our life. That’s why membership programs are very popular in private aviation. Omni Air Transport is proud to have SkyPass. SkyPass is the most flexible, value-added program in the industry. Skip over fees, with our fully refundable membership you’ll receive inclusive, fixed rates. You’ll only pay for the time you fly and much more.

If you’ve been considering chartering your next trip, now is the time!