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Boss, the plane, the plane!

Overwhelming demand in private jet card memberships is seeing a high that we haven’t seen in quite a while. As we all know, when demand is high, often the supply is limited. Some frequent flyers are finding themselves in a pickle, but Omni can help. First, the flexibility of Omni Air Transport’s SkyPass membership allows charter clients to have the perks of a jet card with limited commitment and no risk. There are no membership fees, no long-term commitments, and no hidden fees. It’s ideal as a primary or even secondary card option in the current market.

The alternative option, aircraft ownership, is now on the table for those seeking to fill their private aviation needs. When some jet card memberships are no longer an option, the fantasy of island hopping doesn’t have to be. Ownership is a viable option and one that Omni Aircraft Sales can assist with.

Traditionally, when considering private aircraft ownership, one evaluates the number of hours they plan to fly annually against the cost of ownership. Jet card memberships have offered a path for years, but there’s more to consider in this climate. Private aviation is about Time, Efficiency, Convenience, Pleasure, and all with no hassles. A freedom to choose to travel when you want, how you want, and where you want, is what makes private aviation so appealing. More and more are choosing to buy their own plane now to justify the need, the want, the desire for safety and the feeling of freedom.

Now more than ever, Omni Air Transport, Omni Aircraft Sales and Omni Aircraft Maintenance, has the ideal approach and solution for private aviation needs. There is a way to take back freedom and get back to the days of island hopping. We provide private aviation solutions that work. With aircraft ownership, any previous restrictions are thrown out the window. Our clients go when, where, and how they want, on their terms. Ownership brings a different kind of level of comfort, safety, and service.

Think bigger than saving a few hours. What if you could save days? Aircraft ownership offers the ultimate in quality and flexibility. There are so many benefits of aircraft ownership to consider that can make it just as affordable and convenient in the long run. We are here to guide you through every aspect of ownership and offer transparent, turnkey private aviation solutions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of service and quality. If ownership is your next step, there is no better time than now. Let’s talk and get you flying.

If you’ve been considering chartering your next trip, now is the time!