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The travel environment continues to change and evolve as we adapt to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In 2020, we saw a surge in first-time private aviation customers. According to the Robb Report, first-time private aviation customers grew by 300 percent last year. 

As restrictions lift and vaccinations become more readily available, both business and personal travel are increasing. So what will the future hold for private charters? Let’s take a look at some of the latest key market trends in private aviation. 


Passengers Seek Control of Their Travel Environment

fly private with omni air transport

Many passengers now recognize the safety and greater degree of control that private charter offers. At Omni Air Transport, safety is our number one priority. We’ve created the AircraftAssure process to medically disinfect our aircraft cabins after every flight. Additionally, we’ve developed procedures for booking and travel to protect the health of our passengers as well as Omni personnel.

As you book your flight, all passengers will be asked to fill out a COVID questionnaire.  This will help us determine your preferences for baggage handling and in-flight refreshments. Our 24/7 concierge service is also available to organize catering or any other special requests you may have.   

Private charters reduce the number of touch-points and face-to-face interactions during travel. Our direct flights and private boarding procedures make it possible to board directly from your vehicle. Our pilots and crew will remain socially distanced and masked as they check your ID and load your luggage prior to boarding. 

Private charters give passengers flexibility and control of their schedule, destination and the number of passengers on board their flight. Many families and friends are choosing to fly together and vacation within their own “bubble.” They can relax at a private residence to limit their exposure while also enjoying a change of scenery.  


Essential Business Travel
Business travel slowed down in 2020 as organizations shifted meetings and presentations online. However, for some essential workers, a private charter is considered a necessity. For example, highly specialized technicians are using charter to fly to destinations safely and efficiently. These teams are able to immediately begin working on critical infrastructure projects thanks to the additional safety measures on private charters. 

We anticipate more corporate clients will rely on charter in the future to meet health and safety requirements. This could be especially important for businesses with highly-trained teams that work physically close together. Charter can be used to protect the health of the entire group before they are sent to perform emergency repair work or similar time-critical tasks.    

You might think that only large companies utilize private aviation. However, small companies operate the majority of business jets. Nearly 60 percent of businesses that use private aircraft have fewer than 500 employees. Charter flights allow their employees to save time with direct flights, work in a comfortable and private environment and fly closer to their final destination by using smaller, regional airports. 

We expect more small businesses to see the value in private travel for their employees. Companies are no longer limiting charter for executive travel. Organizations are realizing the practical advantages charter can offer their sales teams, managers and specialized field workers. 


Charter Membership Programs Offer Perks to Passengers

fly private with omni air transport

With so many new passengers taking to the air, we anticipate that many will take advantage of membership programs like SkyPass. These programs allow you to save money over traditional charters and the transparent pricing structure makes it possible to budget for travel upfront. You won’t pay additional fees for catering or ground transportation. 

With our Sky Pass program, you only pay for the hours you are actually flying. Some programs charge passengers in block hours that are timed from ramp to ramp. With SkyPass, your flight time is deducted from wheels up to wheels down.

Additionally, you’ll receive a contribution back to your SkyPass account when empty segments of your trip are sold or we acquire revenue-generating charters while you are at your destination.


Charter on Your Own Terms with Omni Air Transport 

For business and leisure travel, charter opens up a world of possibilities. Passengers can enjoy the privacy, comfort and flexibility that only private aviation can offer.

Trends may come and go, but at Omni Air Transport safety will always be our number one priority. We hold the top one percent of all safety accreditations. With a safety record that spans nearly four decades, it’s clear that your safety will continue to be our primary focus whatever direction the market goes.

Learn more about private charter with Omni Air Transport by calling (918) 836-3131.