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Learjet jets are the premier way to privately travel cross-country, whether flying alone or in a small group. Flying private is ideal for business travel, impressing clients, family getaways, intimate trips, and simply avoiding the chaos of commercial travel.

The aircraft that is most ideal for you will depend on how far you’re traveling, the number of people in your party, and what accommodations you’d like on board. Learjets can comfortably fit up to eight passengers in the main cabin and fly as far as New York to Dallas, depending on which model you choose and flight conditions. Read on to determine the jet that best fits your exact needs so you can make the most of your next charter.

Learjet Models

At Omni Air Transport, our Learjet models include the Learjet 40, 40XR, 45XR, 60, and 75.

Learjet 40/40XR

The Learjet 40 and Learjet 40XR are two very similar models. The main difference between the 40 and the 40XR is the range. Both models fit up to six passengers and have power outlets throughout the cabin, Wi-Fi, and stowable tabletops. Additionally, the jet’s leather, executive-style chairs can swivel and recline for comfort.

The 40XR has a range of up to 1,960 nautical miles (nm) or 1,778 nm with a full cabin due to fuel storage, that is equivalent to going from Los Angeles to Chicago. With 65 cubic feet of storage, standard Learjet 40s can fit up to three Sedan trunks’ worth of baggage, with extra room for carry-ons in the cabin. The Learjet 40 has a range of 1,707 nm. Our Learjet 40 and 40XR models are from 2006 and 2011. An important thing to remember is that the longevity of an aircraft is much longer than that of a car. An aircraft that is 25 years old is still a young aircraft.

Learjet 45XR

Nicknamed “the Swiss army knife of jets,” the Learjet 45XR is larger than the Learjet 40XR with a length of 57.6 feet, a wingspan of 47.8 feet, and room for up to eight passengers. The Learjet 45 charter has a maximum range of 2,040 nm and a top cruising speed of 465 knots.

Our Learjet 45XR charter jet models are from 2006 and 2008.

Learjet 60

The Learjet 60 is a similar size to the Learjet 45XR but with improved climbing speeds and an impressive nautical range. Without a full cabin, the Learjet 60 charter has a maximum range of 2,418 nm, long enough to travel from Los Angeles to New York City. With a full cabin, this private charter still has an impressive range of 2,186 nm.

Inside, the 60’s cabin can fit seven passengers with leather seating set up in an executive club configuration. Its belted lavatory is more spacious than other jets, with a large mirror, sink, faucet, and vanity. In addition to these features, the cabin also includes a microwave oven, two ice compartments, a hot liquid container, Wi-Fi, and 15.1″ flat-screen TV monitors.

Learjet 75

Able to fit up to eight passengers, the Learjet 75 is the ideal private charter for both work and leisure. The seating arrangement of leather ergonomic chairs is flexible, with access to spacious stowaway tables. The cockpit features a curtain for privacy, and the cabin includes a spacious gallery with a large work surface to use both on the ground and in the air. Additionally, touch screens at every seat give you complete control of the cabin’s settings and entertainment setup.

The Learjet 75 has a max speed of 465 knots. Its range is capable of traveling 1,805 nm with a full cabin or 1,998 nm without a full cabin. With a wingspan of 50 feet, this is one of the largest Learjets available. Our Learjet 75 models are from 2016 and 2018.

Flying With Omni Air Transport

For over 40 years, Omni Air Transport has provided safety-centered travel. We hold the top 1% of all flight safety accreditations, and our various jets are quick and painless to reserve. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of up to eight passengers, book a Learjet charter jet today or speak with our 24/7 concierge support if you have any questions.