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Why Choose Private Charter for Safety


Safety-minded travelers may think they only have three choices: stay home, drive, or fly commercial. Staying home doesn’t sound appealing, especially if you have been stuck inside for months on end and are looking for an escape. Driving for hours or even days is oftentimes not feasible, especially if you’re traveling for work meetings. You also run the risk of stopping at convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and hotels along the way where health and safety protocols may not be strictly enforced. When you fly commercial, there are often crowded terminals and social distancing onboard the aircraft is difficult at best, if not, impossible. There is a better way to stay safe while flying—chartering a flight with Omni Air Transport.

For us, safety is not just lip service. It is built into the fabric of our company and the service we provide our customers. This goes beyond concerns about cleanliness related to Covid-19. Our commitment to safety extends to the quality of our jets, the professionalism and expertise of our crews, the comfort of your flight, and the all-around convenience of the experience. Our leadership team consists of experts in aviation, and has cultivated a culture of safety across every facet of our business, from our highly experienced pilots, to our crew and maintenance teams.

Put simply, chartering a private flight with Omni Air Transport is a better alternative to some other methods of travel. Here are eight reasons why:


You choose who you fly with.

When you fly private charter with us, you set the flight manifest. You choose who you fly with. Whether it be the family members in your household, or friends and business colleagues you personally know, the freedom is in your hands.


Choose Private Charter for Safety


You know the pilot and crew.

With Omni Air Transport, you will meet your highly trained, experienced pilot and dedicated crew before takeoff. They will even take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our current Aircraft Assure program and other company initiatives to keep all passengers safe. It’s another layer of confidence and peace-of-mind you’ll only find when you fly on a private charter with us.


You can travel to smaller airports.

Private aircraft can use almost any public-use airport in the country. Private airports are more convenient and frequently smaller, reducing travel time and skipping the crowded hubs. Depending on your needs, many private airports are located closer to city centers, reducing your travel time between the airport and your destination, while others are more remote, limiting your exposure to large groups of people.


You will not be required to go through security checkpoints.

With flying on a private charter, you will not have to wait in crowded lines, touch security bins, or walk barefoot through a scanner.


Your personal belongings will be handled by less people.

When you fly with us, a line service technician will take your baggage directly to the pilot for stowage on the aircraft. You will be able to see the entire process of who handles your personal belongings. Alternatively, you can also request to load your own baggage so it isn’t handled by anyone except you.


Choose Private Charter for Safety


You will fly with a fleet that’s second to none.

Our fleet holds the top 1% of all flight-safety accreditations. We have been accredited by ARG/US Platinum since 2004, IS-BAO Stage III-certified since 2004, a Wyvern Wingman since 2015, and a Department of Defense Preferred Charter Operator since 2015. What this means is that every time you fly with us, you fly with a fleet whose commitment to safety and reputation for excellence is above and beyond anything you will find with commercial airlines. Find out more about our accreditations and commitment to passenger safety.


You will be protected by the strictest Covid-19 protocols.

Our cleaning and sanitizing process has always been exceptional. In the face of the Covid-19, we’ve taken it to the next level. AircraftAssure is our updated cleaning and safety program. It is constantly being updated as the situation changes based on CDC and WHO guidelines, but our efforts are always comprehensive to ensure the health and safety of our passengers and their families. Here’s what AircraftAssure promises:

  • Overnight stays require approval
  • Flights to known “Hot Spots” require approval
  • All passengers must complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire
  • Passengers and crew members on every flight are provided gloves, masks and sanitizer.
  • Closed cockpit upon request (if available)
  • Rear seating available for passengers who prefer maximum social distancing
  • No handshaking or touching
  • New cleaning and sanitizing procedures


Your jet will be completely cleaned and sanitized.

Our flight crews disinfect all touch surfaces after every flight, while our trained technicians complete comprehensive, enhanced cleanings at the end of the day. We also apply the antimicrobial barrier treatment ClearCabin to all aircraft in the fleet every 90 days, as well as CURoxide where available. Our cleaning process leaves the air safe to breath, surfaces safe to touch, and is effective against influenza, measles, norovirus, MERS, MRSA, SARS, and staph.

Flying private with us is second to none. You and your family’s safety, health, comfort, and convenience are our highest priorities. This has been the case for more than 37 years, and is even more true today.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Ready to charter a flight? Book now or request a call.